Jovi Plastic Crayons 300 Earths And Warm Tones (Pack B)

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Assorted Colours Box of 300.  Pack B.  Colours as shown.

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  • Jovi hexagonals Plastic Crayons are ideal for children from 4 years old!
  • They come in attractive tones and their super six-sided design feature stops them from rolling off desks, falling on the floor and breaking.
  • Hexagonals can be used to colour any paper or card surface. Great for drawing with, and because you use the whole crayon, they last for a very, very long time.
  • What’s more, they are odour-free, do not form lumps or stain, and sharpening them is child’s play!
  • They do not stain and do not become sticky or leak.
  • Pack B colours: white, warm yellow, crimson, flesh,ochre, raw umber, forest green, sea green, lilac, violet, grey.